Discipline Within The Game

The game of cricket has long been known to epitomise the highest level of conduct and sportsmanship. It is a competitive game to be played in an atmosphere of comradeship and enjoyed by players, Umpires and spectators alike. However, this pleasure is often spoilt by the thoughtless actions and bad behaviour of a few players.

The Craven League Executive expects players to adhere to the following:

  • Not Disputing an Umpire’s decision
  • Fieldsmen making disparaging remarks about an Umpire.
  • Fieldsmen making ridiculous appeals in the hope of intimidating Umpires into making favourable decisions.
  • Fieldsmen swearing at batsmen in an attempt to break his concentration.
  • Batsmen disputing an Umpires decision by remaining at the crease and making disparaging remarks to the Umpire.
  • Batsmen on the way to the Pavilion, banging the bat on the ground, swearing and throwing the bat on reaching the dressing room.
  • No form of abuse to be redirected at players or officials.
  • No alcoholic drinks will be consumed by any player whilst the game is in progress.

Such actions have made more than one Umpire decide to give up Umpiring, a loss the League can ill afford. The Executive Committee emphasises that bad behaviour is not necessary and should not be tolerated at any time.

Captains have a special responsibility to control their players on and off the field of play. Clubs must ensure that these responsibilities are enforced.

 Players must be capable of exercising self-discipline