League History 1959 Onwards

Mewies Solicitors Craven and District Cricket League

The present League can trace it’s formation back to 1888, when Annual Meetings commenced. Playing cricket started in 1890 under the name of the Craven Cricket Union Challenge Cup.

Various titles have been used since then:

1890 – 1904          Craven Cricket Union

1905 – 1908          Skipton Junior Cricket League

1909 – 1921          Skipton and District Cricket League

1922 – 1934          Craven Cricket League

1935 – 2001          Craven and District Cricket League

2002 – 2006          J P Mewies Craven and District Cricket League

2007 –                    Mewies Solicitors Craven and District Cricket League

There have been various combinations of sides in league formats. The last change was in season 1979, when the League was extended to 23 clubs, thus enabling four divisions to operate – two for first teams and two for second teams. In 1983 a further team was admitted making the numbers up to 24 clubs.

In 1984 Foulridge entered a third eleven in the League.

In 1987 Carleton II dropped out of the League, to be replaced by Chatburn.

In 1988 Ingrow St John’s were admitted to the League. This necessitated Chatburn being moved up to Division Two making 14 teams with 12 teams in the other three divisions. Clubs voted to play without holiday dates.

In 1989 Riddlesden were expelled from the League. Foulridge III dropped out and Barnoldswick III requested to be demoted to Division four.

In 1991 Skipton LMS withdrew their second eleven prior to the start of the season and folded midway through the season.

In 1993 season Carleton re-entered a second eleven.

In 1994 Pendle Forest entered a third eleven into the League.

In 2000 Upper Wharfedale moved onto the Airedale and Wharfedale Senior League, to be replaced by Denholme, from the Bradford central League. J Nelson’s withdrew their second eleven during the season.

In 2001 Cullingworth and Ingrow joined us from the Bradford Central League. Carleton II withdrew before the start of the season, during the season we lost Haworth West End second eleven and Barnoldswick III.

In 2002 Long Lee entered a third eleven into division four. Just prior to the season starting, Keighley Technical College removed their first team from the League.   And for the first time in the Leagues history, we were fortunate to enjoy sponsorship of the League. This was from J P Mewies & Co. Solicitors from Skipton.

Season 2004 sees six new clubs entering the League, Bingley Congs, Crossflatts, Haworth Road, Sandy Lane, Riddlesden and Wilsden. Riddlesden are now under new management and not the side who were expelled from the League in 1989. Long Lee third eleven and J Nelson’s resigned from the League.

In 2005 J Nelson’s applied to rejoin the league and they were welcomed back.

2006, we have another club joining us from the Bradford Central League, Eldwick & Gilstead and Glusburn enter a third team. During the 2006 season we lost two clubs. Keighley TC resigned early in the season, and with three games to go, J Nelson’s could no longer manage to raise a side.

2007 sees Oakworth enter a third team into Division five.

2008 saw Carleton fold.

For 2009 we welcome Bradford and Bingley third team and Little Marsden into the League. Foulridge second team folded part way through the year.

2010 saw Foulridge second team reinstated in the League, but Glusburn withdrew their third team.

2012 Pendle Forest withdrew their third team and Little Marsden folded.

2014 Pendle Forest withdrew their second team, Cullingworth left us for the Halifax League and Hepworth & Idle joined us. The league will now be run by an Executive Committee rather than holding full League Committee meetings with a representative from each club.

2016 Haworth WE folded and removed their team from the league and Thornton in Craven withdrew their second team.


List of Clubs in membership of the League and preceding Leagues:


Ingrow St John’s
Barnoldswick “A”
J Lund Sports Club
Barnoldswick Seconds
J Nelson’s Sports Club
Barnoldswick Thirds
Kildwick Albion
Barnoldswick Wesleyans
Keighley Cavendish Street
Bingley and Gilstead Primitives
Keighley Congregationals
Bingley Congregrationals
Keighley St Annes
Bocking Wesleyans
Keighley Tech College
Bradford and Bingley Thirds
Keighley Temple Street
Keighley Wesley Place
Keighley West Lane Primitives
Braithwaite St Matthews
Kelbrook Athletic
Calf Hall and Butts
Kildwick Parash
Long Lee
Mytholmes Mission
Cowling Albion
Oakworth Wesleyans
Cross Roads St James
Oxenhope YMCA
Pendle Forest
Earby Seconds
Sandy Lane
Earby North End
Settle Seconds
Skipton Seconds
Eldwick and Gilstead
Skipton An XI
Skipton LMS Sports Club
Skipton Church Institute
Skipton Midland
Skipton Primitive Methodists
Skipton Thirds
Skipton Tuesday
Haworth Meths
Skipton Wesleyans
Haworth Parish Church
Haworth Road
Sutton Church
Haworth West End
Sutton Parish
Haworth Wesleyans
Hepworth and Idle
Upper Wharfedale