League Disciplinary Rules


1. It shall be a disciplinary offence:

1. a) For any player in the course of or in connection with a match to misconduct himself / herself or to act at any time in a manner calculated to prejudice the good name or interest of the League

1. b). Players, Officials, members, supporters and employee must conduct themselves in a manner, which prohibits racially abusive comments and actions against fellow players, officials, members, supporters or employees. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offenders

1. c) For any club to fail properly to control or discipline its players or to act in a manner calculated to prejudice the good name or interests of the League, and the player and club committing an offence shall be liable to penalties in the manner and as described hereafter if something not covered in the spirit of cricket.

2. For the purpose of these rules the expression ‘the player’ shall be deemed to mean and include not only the player, but also any member or official of any club or if appropriate any other person involved in any incident of possible misconduct occurring on the field of play, or on the premises of the club, as maybe appropriate in the particular circumstances.

3. Before any penalty is imposed there shall be a disciplinary hearing before the Disciplinary Committee of the League, in line with the Disciplinary Code and Procedure document 2017.

4. The Disciplinary Committee shall be made up of The Chairman (or Vice Chairman or acting Chairman), The Secretary (or minute taker) and three other members of The Executive Committee selected on rotating basis.

5. Anyone on the disciplinary panel who is connected with the individual or the club involved in the disciplinary, or with a club which may indirectly benefit from any disciplinary action, will not be allowed to sit on The Disciplinary Committee.

6. At least 7 days notice in writing of the hearing of the offence alleged shall be given to the player through the club secretary.

7. The Player or Club shall be entitled to attend the hearing (in the case of a Club by its Secretary or other official), to be legally or otherwise represented and to call witnesses.

8. Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee (a finding that a complaint is proved or not proved or a decision on penalty) shall be by majority vote; where necessary the Panel Chairman shall have a casting vote.

9. If at the hearing the Disciplinary Committee finds the alleged offence proved it shall have the power to impose one or more of the following penalties, together with such order as to costs as it deems appropriate:

9. a) In the case of a player:
i) To require the player to submit appropriate letter(s) of apology within a specified time
ii) To record a reprimand and to give a warning as to future conduct
iii) To impose a fine – not to exceed £50.00 and any hearing costs applicable
iv) To suspend the player for one or more matches – stated as a period of time
v) To deduct League points from the player’s team
vi) To expel the player from the League
Note that a player maybe for the same offence both suspended and fined

9. b) In the case of a club:
i) To require the club to submit appropriate letter(s) of apology within a specified time
ii)To record a reprimand and to give a warning as to future conduct
iii) To impose a fine – not to exceed £50.00 and any hearing costs applicable
iv) To deduct league points from the club’s team(s)
v) To relegate to any lower division of the League
vi) To expel the club from any competition of the League
vii) To expel the club from the League

Note that a club for the same offence maybe subject to both deduction of points and a fine.

10. The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to suspend the operation of any part, or all, of the penalty it imposes for such period and subject to such terms and conditions it deems appropriate.

11. Suspension Policy – any suspension will be for a period of time not matches. There will be specified commencement and conclusion dates to ensure the player cannot play any other cricket during a period of suspension.

12. Details of suspension will be notified to the YCB by The League Secretary. Suspensions are binding on all other League, including Leagues which play on other days other than Saturday. Our League will recognise and take into account suspensions put in place by other Leagues and we expect all other Leagues to reciprocate.

13. No player under suspension or disciplinary action elsewhere may play in matches under the auspices of the League.

14. A player or club found by The Disciplinary Committee to have committed an offence or upon whom The Disciplinary Committee has imposed a penalty shall have the right to appeal to The Appeals Committee.

15. A notice of appeal setting out the grounds must be given in writing to the League Disciplinary Officer within seven days of the decision of the Disciplinary Panel being communicated to the Participant in writing, together with a deposit. The amount of the deposit shall be £25 for each Club and £10 for each other Participant exercising their right of appeal.

16. The Grounds for Appeal should only be actioned under the following:

• Procedural matters
• Serious miscarriage of justice
• Sentences inconsistent
• New evidence not heard or seen at the original disciplinary hearing.

17. Upon giving notice of appeal the penalty shall not take effect, pending the hearing of the appeal.

18. The appeal shall be by way of a rehearing. The player or club shall have the same rights of attendance and representation, and to call witness as they had before The Disciplinary Committee.

19. The Appeals Committee may confirm, vary or reverse; the decision of The Disciplinary Committee, save that it shall also have the power to increase the penalty.

20. The decision of The Appeals Committee, or if no appeal of The Disciplinary Committee, shall be final and binding.

21. Any Member Club with an Official Website; is responsible for the content of the site. Comments published on website that maybe deemed as ‘Bringing the League into disrepute’ may result in a warning, fine, deduction of league points or any combination of the three. Players are reminded that comments made on Social Network Sites can also bring The League into disrepute and this will be considered a disciplinary offence.