Loan Players

1. Players may transfer on a loan basis, within the Craven League. The transfer will be in order to assist clubs who have a shortage of players, which will enable a team to fulfill a fixture.

2. Player loan scheme will not be available in any cup matches.

3. A loan player should always be considered to be a second or third team player. Any question arising from this rule will be referred to the Executive Committee.

4. The loan player can be loaned to a team in the same division as their second or third team.

5. A loan player can also play in one league lower than their club’s second or third team.

6. A player’s loan transfer will only last for one week.

7. A player can apply for a loan transfer every week and is allowed to transfer on a loan basis to any club. However he / she can only transfer to the same club on six occasions in a season.

8. Once a player has had a loan transfer to a club, they are not allowed a transfer request to the loan club that season.

9. All player loans to be sanctioned by The Secretary or Fixture Secretary by Friday night before a Saturday match. The loan of the player can only go ahead after permission has been granted.

10. Once a loan player request has been agreed the player will be transferred on Play Cricket. All playing statistics gained for the loan player will count towards that players average qualifications for league purposes.

11. The League Executive to have the final say on anything pertaining to these rules.