1. All matches shall be conducted in accordance with the MCC Laws, whether experimental or not – except where otherwise provided for in these rules.

2. Any breaches of the Playing Rules rule will be referred to the Executive Committee for their consideration.

3. Once the match dates have been approved by The Executive Committee, then those dates will not be changed. If a club decides it is unable to fulfil the Craven and District League fixture (league or cup) on the due date due to its decision to participate in a non Craven and District League fixture, they will be deemed to have forfeited the Craven and District fixture.

4. All innings in games in Division 1 should start with a new ball which is handed to the umpires before the game.

5. Any League competition shall be conducted as follows:

5. a) Each club shall play home and away matches with each other (with the exception of Division Four, who may not necessarily play each other home and away) or otherwise as arranged by The Executive Committee, with no break in the season and no matches to be rearranged.

5. b) A win shall count as three points, a tie two points, a draw one point and a loss no points.

5. c) If a club is fielding two or more teams they must fulfil the teams in order of seniority. The first team cannot have less players than the second team and the second team cannot have less players than the third team. Where clubs fail to fulfil this rule, they must submit in writing to The League Secretary by email the reason for this.

6. IN MATCHES THAT START ON TIME, neither side may bat more than 45 overs (40 overs in Division 4) of six balls, i.e. a team still batting at the end of 45 overs (40 overs in Division 4) must declare its innings closed. No bowler may bowl more than 12 overs (10 overs in Division 4) in any match. When the match overs are reduced due to weather conditions the bowlers limited will be reduced on a pro-rata basis. The winner is the team scoring the highest number of runs. There is no definite finishing time; stumps are drawn when a decision is reached.

6. a) If the match is delayed at the start due to ground weather or light conditions, a period of 15 minutes must be waited until any reduction in overs is made.

6. b) If play commences within the first 15 minutes and no further interruptions are made, then the match is deemed to be a complete match.

6. c) Once the 15 minutes time period has elapsed, overs shall be deducted on a basis of 2 overs per 6 minutes of time lost.

6. d) The calculation of any overs deducted and lost, will start from 90 overs and 2.00 pm (except in September when the time will be 1.30 pm). NB the 15 minutes lost at the start of the match, will be included in this calculation.


7. a) Any overs deducted shall be divided equally between both teams.

7. b) A match must consist of a minimum of 50 overs (25 per side) and cannot commence after 4.00 pm (or 3.30 pm for matches in September).

7. c) In the event of a delayed start, the tea interval must be taken no later than 3.40 pm (or 3.10 pm for matches in September). This only applies if the match has not commenced by 3.40 pm.

7. d) If there is no more delay through conditions the winner is the team scoring the highest number of runs. If the weather interferes with play after commencement of the game, the current playing rule 7 shall apply.


8. a) Once the match has commenced, be it at the scheduled start time, or within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time (see rule 7) and there is a delay through ground weather or light and the stoppage times total more than 30 minutes, the match shall be governed by a time limit. The match must finish at 8.00 pm (or 7.30 pm for matches in September), subject to the following conditions: –

i) The fielding side must bowl a minimum of 20 overs after 7.00 pm (or 6.30 pm for matches in September), providing there are 20 overs remaining

ii) If there are more than 20 overs remaining at 7.00 pm (or 6.30 pm for matches in September) the fielding side must bowl at least 20 overs AND MAY BOWL MORE.

iii) Conditions do not permit 20 overs to be bowled after 7.00 pm (or 6.30 pm for matches in September) the match shall be deemed to be a draw and each side shall gain a point, if a result is not achieved within the overs remaining.

8. b) In the event of rain interrupted second innings (when the team batting first were all out or had completed their allotted overs) the result will be a draw if the team batting second are unable to complete the same number of allotted overs.

8. c) In the event of interruption of play by weather or light during the last hour, should play recommence, the minimum number of overs left to be bowled will be determined by the number of minutes lost (converted to overs at 3 minutes per over) taken from the overs remaining when play was interrupted.

8. d) If at any time the umpire considers the ground unfit for further play, the match shall be considered a draw and will be recorded on Play Cricket as an abandoned match.

9. Where a club has covers available, the covers can be used before a match starts and will be used during a break in play due to rain, without recourse to either umpire or visiting captain.

10. The umpire shall decide whether conditions are favourable for play to commence. If the umpires cannot agree, the game shall be abandoned, this disagreement to be notified by email to the League Secretary.

11. The teams must be ready to commence at 2.00 pm, except in September when the time is 1.30 pm.

12. After the scheduled start time of the game, the umpires shall be the sole judges of the conditions.

13. League matches may be cancelled on account of weather or ground conditions at any time on the day of the match before 11.30 am (11.00 am in September) by mutual agreement between the two clubs concerned. The cancellation has to be accepted by the Secretary or other authorised official of the visiting team. The home team is responsible for advising the panel umpires that the match has been cancelled. The away team must provide a list of their players taking part in the match, to allow the home team to complete the Play Cricket website.

14. The cancellation of matches is permitted solely for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary travelling by visiting teams. But the visiting team has the right not to agree to the cancellation until they have inspected the ground. In the event of none agreement, both teams shall travel to the ground, prior to the appointed start time.

15. The umpires are to ascertain that ground boundaries are clearly marked by a white line, rope or if applicable, wall before the match commences. If no such marking exists, they shall email / contact the League Secretary, for action to be taken by the Grounds Committee (see Administrative Rule 9).

16. The League uses a six-ball over. Boundaries are scored as per MCC Law 19 except where local customs apply, e.g. at Chatburn Cricket Club.

17. a) Umpires must exchange ends between innings. The interval between innings shall not exceed 30 minutes, when free teas will be provided for Umpires and Scorers. If the tea interval is taken during stoppage for rain or bad light before the normal time, the interval between innings shall be 10 minutes. Dependant on the weather and as agreed with the Umpires, drinks may be allowed after 15 and 30 overs or 22 as appropriate.

17. b) At the interval between innings, the home side will provide teas. The teas must be of an acceptable standard. The opposition will purchase a minimum of seven teas, unless they have contacted the relevant team contact by the Wednesday before the match takes place, to advise how many teas will be required.

18. Unless seven players of any club are ready to commence play at the appointed time the umpires shall report the defaulting club to the League Secretary and the game shall not start until seven players are present. If, after a period of 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, seven players of a side are still not available, the umpires will abandon the match and send a report to League Secretary. Play Cricket will be noted as match abandoned and the Executive Committee will decide the outcome of the match and award league points as they feel are appropriate. At the end of the game the umpires will sign both scorebooks to confirm they have agreed the scores. If the scorer used an electronic device this will not be possible and providing there is no discrepancy between scorers this is acceptable.

19. In the event of a late start for reasons other than the weather, the 90 (80 overs in Division 4) overs available shall not be bowled. The overs available after deducting at the rate of two overs per six minutes divided equally between each team. The umpires shall inform both captains and both scorers of the number of overs to be played.

20. Captains before play commences, will supply a list of players taking part in the match on the team cards provided by the League. All players who are under 19 (age group is based on age at midnight on 31 August the previous year) will be identified on the team sheet and then the team sheet will be given to the umpires 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the match. Captains to toss up 15 minutes before commencement of play.

21 Any player named on the team sheet has to be ready to play within 90 minutes of the scheduled start time. If the player arrives after that time, he will not be allowed to take any part in the game.

22. In the event of a bowler breaking down and being unable to complete an over, the remaining balls shall be bowled by another bowler, provided that he shall not bowl two overs or part thereof consecutively in that innings. Such part of an over will count as a full over only in so far as each bowler’s limit is concerned. When considering junior fast bowlers, the part of the over will count as a full over in any spell.

23. An incoming batsman must pass the outgoing batsman on the field of play, the umpire to report any player who unduly wastes time in this or any other way.

24. No player may enter or leave the field once an innings is in progress, including during drinks breaks, without the permission of an Umpire. 5 penalty runs will be awarded to the batting side if the ball whilst still in play:

24. a) Is touched by a fielder who has not been given permission to enter the field of play.

24. b) Is in contact with a deliberately discarded piece of clothing thrown down by a fielder whilst chasing the ball.

24. c) Touches a helmet placed on the ground within the field of play by a fielder or wicket keeper as per MCC Law 28.3.

24. d) In all other instances where penalty runs could be awarded according to the Laws of Cricket, they will not be awarded in the Craven & District Cricket League Divisions Three and Four.

24. e) In Divisions One and Two penalty runs will be awarded as per new MCC Law 41 and MCC Law 42 (2017 issue).

25. The Captain and Committee of the home club shall be responsible for the rolling and marking (or remarking) of the wicket immediately before each innings. They will also be responsible to ensure that the protected area is identified as required in MCC Law 41.11, i.e. the 1 foot dimension either side of the middle stump on each bowling crease and the 5 feet dimension in front of each popping crease are highlighted.

26. A Scorer must be provided by each team. If a team fails to provide a scorer, then their players will take it in turns to score whilst their side is batting. When the team without the Scorer is fielding the opposition players will provide a scorer from their players who are waiting to bat or have batted. The team without the Scorer will pay £15.00 in compensation to the opposition’s team.

27. The number of overs to be shown on the scoreboard from 1 to 45 (1 to 40 in Division 4).

28. Each fielding side to provide its own match balls and at least one spare ball, both to be given to the Umpires before the toss takes place. All clubs must use balls supplied by the League and the League currently has a contract with Reader Cricket Balls. New clubs joining the League will be allowed one season in which to use up their old stock of cricket balls. In their second season with the League they will be expected to use the cricket balls supplied by the League. These balls will be ordered at the December meeting and will be paid for by 15 January.

29. The batting side to be responsible for making a reasonable search for any lost cricket balls during their innings.

30. All clubs shall provide secure changing rooms, with lockable doors. It is the home captain’s responsibility to make sure that a key is provided for the visiting team. If a key is not available, then all valuables must be left with a responsible person for the duration of the match.

31. Any team in any division, which does not fulfil a fixture, will not be awarded any league points and they will concede:

31. a) Three league points to their opponents, provided that at least one match in their division is completed.

31. b) If no matches are completed in their division that day they will not get any league points and their opponents will get one league point.

32. In the case of the ground being unavailable and a replacement ground cannot be found, each team will be awarded one league point. No team shall be allowed to complete or fulfil a fixture unless at least seven players are available to take part. Any claims for loss of refreshments and / or loss of gate, in cases of non-fulfilment of matches, without sufficient warning, shall be decided on by The Executive Committee where mutual agreement between the two clubs concerned cannot be achieved.