Transfer / Demotion

1. Any infringement of any part of the transfer / demotion rules to be dealt with by the Executive Committee. Any club found guilty of breaking any part of these rules to be fined £10.00 and lose any points won in that match. These points to be awarded to the opposing team, except that in the case of a drawn match the offending club shall not receive the point normally awarded.

2. Clubs within the Craven and District Cricket League will not pay players to play cricket in either a league match or a cup match. If a club is paying their Groundsman for their services as a Groundsman, that person it permitted to play cricket within the league, the League Secretary to be advised of any paid groundsman.


3.  All transfer requests within the Craven & District League must be submitted on the Yorkshire Cricket Board transfer form. Transfers from outside the Craven and District League may be submitted on a recognised and appropriate transfer form. Transfer forms can be sent electronically, however the form has to be fully completed and in a readable format. The League Secretary has the right to reject any illegible forms. They must complete the form if they wish to transfer. YCB rule 9.2 must be complied with fully.

4. A player having played for a member club in the current or immediately preceding season and wish to play for a new club in his current league or any other league, must obtain a transfer from their previous club on the necessary YCB Player Transfer Form or similar approved transfer form certifying that he has no obligations, financial, disciplinary or otherwise to that Club.

5. When a club has teams in more than one league, arrangements for the movement of players between the leagues concerned should be agreed with the respective leagues prior to the commencement of the season.

6. A Craven and District League club will only be allowed to transfer one overseas amateur player per season. That is a player who has been brought into the country specifically to play amateur cricket.

7. The completed transfer form must be in the possession of The League Secretary before permission to play for a new club is granted. In the event of a request for transfer, the player should obtain from his former club the number of matches that he has been selected for the senior team. This must be submitted on the transfer form. Should the transfer be granted, the number of senior eleven matches that the player was selected for his former club shall be taken into account when applying.

8. No transfer of players between Craven and District League clubs or from a club outside The Craven and District League shall take place without the consent of The Executive Committee.

9. The League Secretary shall have power to grant temporary permission for the transfer of players:-

9. a) Between Craven and District Clubs

9. b) Players from other leagues whose transfer forms are correctly completed and received. The temporary permission will be confirmed at the next Executive Committee Meeting or League Committee Meeting.

10. Only one transfer between Craven and District League clubs per player to be allowed in the season.

11. No transfer to be allowed after July 31. Applications for transfer shall be in for that date, to be ratified at the August Executive Committee Meeting.


12. A player having played one more than half the scheduled league matches with a senior eleven of his current and former club in league matches shall not be allowed to play with a junior eleven of his club, unless he receives permission from The Executive Committee. The appearance of a name on the official form (per Administrative Rule 19) shall be binding in this respect.

13. The League Secretary or The Fixture Secretary has power to grant temporary permission for the demotion of players on request, providing the players averages (batting and /or bowling) are submitted in writing and that The League Secretary or The Fixture Secretary is satisfied demotion is in the best interests of the player, the same to be confirmed at the next Executive Committee Meeting or League Committee Meeting.

14. Only one demotion per player to be allowed in the season.