Transfers 2018

All players named below have had their transfers approved and are free to play for their new clubs.

Player From To
Nathan Allatt Keighley Hepworth & Idle
William Bowden Hampton Cowling
Josh Gill Steeton Cowling
Lewis Wrathall Heslington Oakworth
Joseph Greenwood Denholme Crossflatts
Wasim Hussain Ingrow St John's Crossflatts
Naveed Gul Ingrow St John's Crossflatts
Joe Allatt Central YMCA Hepworth & Idle
Stuart Jackson Cullingworth Haworth
Lee Crowther Long Lee Bingley Congs
Oliver Bishop Oakworth Haworth
Neil Bishop Oakworth Haworth
Marcus Mottram Denholme Bingley Congs
Steven Woods Cowling Skipton CI

The following players have been given temporary permission to transfer.  To be confirmed at the next meeting.

Player From To