Umpires Rules

1. Umpires will be appointed from the Umpires Association panel to officiate in League games in Division One and Division Two. Should any Umpire be unable to accept his / her appointment he / she must notify the Umpire’s Appointment Secretary who shall appoint an official replacement. If an Umpire is absent when a match is due to start a suitable substitute shall be found until the appointed umpire arrives.

2. A substitute shall not be barred from standing at the bowlers end, PROVIDING THE CAPTAINS AGREE. All decisions based on the League rules shall be made by the OFFICIAL Umpire only.

3. If no umpire turns up, the match will take place with captains agreeing substitutes.

4. Clubs will notify the League of the absence of an Umpire by email to The League Secretary.

5. In order to allow Umpires to leave the ground immediately after the match, clubs are required to arrange for payment to be made during the interval between innings.

6. The cost of the umpires will be equally divided between both clubs and the Panel Umpires will receive the following in League matches:

6. a) If play commences and there are two panel umpires, the cost will be £70.00, if there is only one umpire, the cost will remain at £70.00.

6. b) If the umpire/s arrives at the ground and there is no play, each umpire will be given £15.00 for expenses.

6. c) The Umpires Sub-Committee, which comprises of three members of The Executive Committee and two Umpire Association representatives, shall agree prior to the commencement of each season the level of Umpires expenses.

7. Each club shall provide a competent umpire for each match in Divisions Three and Four which their club is engaged in and will be responsible for their umpire’s behaviour. Any club failing to provide an umpire will notify the League of the absence of an umpire by email to The League Secretary. For officiating at both ends, the club failing to provide an umpire will pay the current expenses for a panel umpire as detailed in 6 above. The club who has provided the umpire will pay him / her at their discretion.

8. All persons who officiate as umpires, whether on the League Panel or filling a vacancy, shall be offered the full expenses in accordance with the circumstances of the match.

9. In all cup matches the cost of the umpires, which is the same as 6, shall be borne by both clubs.

10. In the Wynn and Cowling cup finals The League will provide the umpire with a memento of the game.

11. If an umpire has reasonable belief through body language, gesture or attitude that non-English language is being used to intimidate or abuse an opponent, team mate, Umpire or Spectator, then the umpire will ask the captain of the side in question either to ensure all such communications cease forthwith or it is only in English. Failure to do so will be seen as Unsatisfactory Conduct under the Leagues Disciplinary Code and Procedures and may lead to a disciplinary report and action.