Umpires Association and Umpires 2017 – Founded 1995

Chairman: John Leighton

Communications Secretary: John Leighton

Minute Secretary: Bob Dennison

Appointments Secretary: Martin Burgess

Assistant Appointment Secretary: Gary McAdam

Hon Treasurer: Michael Gowling



The Association shall be named The Craven and District Umpires Association.


    1. The Association shall be named The Craven & District Umpires Association.
    2. The Association shall meet at 7.30 pm on the third Monday of the months of March, May, June, July, August and September. The Annual General Meeting will be held at the September meeting.
    3. The Association shall be governed by a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Appointments Secretary, Treasurer and a Committee of not more than four members of the Umpires Association who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of three years.
    4. All umpires must comply with the ‘ECB Safe Hands Policy’ and must be DBS checked
    5. The Committee will meet at the discretion of the Chairman, five members shall form a quorum.
    6. An Annual subscription of £10 shall be paid by each member of the Association at the March meeting. If at any time this is found to be insufficient, a levy will be made in an emergency.
    7. Should an Umpire fail to keep an appointment he/she will be fined £5, unless circumstances prevent him/her from taking such appointment or he/she has some valid reason, which has been notified to the Appointments Secretary of the Association by telephone or letter by the Thursday evening preceding the match regarding his/her inability to fulfil such appointment.
    8. Any alterations to these rules shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting. Any suggested alteration to be submitted in writing to the Secretary by 31st August.
    9. Should any question arise affecting the Association that is not provided for in these rules, the Committee shall have full power to deal with same and their decision shall be final and binding.
    10. Any interpretation of these rules shall be given by the Chairman, whose decision shall be final.
    11. The objectives of the Association are: –
      • To create and maintain a spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship.
      • To improve the efficiency of all Umpires.
      • To secure uniformity of action on the field of play.
      • To co-operate with the League Committee of the Craven and District League in their efforts to further the progress of the League.



1. All umpires must use the team cards provided by the League.

2. At the end of the game the umpires will sign both score books:

a) to confirm they have agreed the scores

b). to confirm the result of the match

3. All late starts must be reported to The League Secretary

4. It will be the responsibility of a Captain to provide the name of a player whom the umpires consider to be guilty of misconduct.

5. Umpires should report players who are guilty of misconduct on the field of play or during the course of the match. Umpires should not tolerate abuse or loud and sustained disagreement with their decision. The course of action umpires MUST take if an incident occurs should be as laid down in MCC Law 42.13:

In the event of a player failing to comply with the instructions of an umpire, criticising his decision by words or action, or showing dissent, or generally behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the umpire concerned shall, in the first place report the matter to the other umpire and to the player’s captain requesting the latter to take action. If this proves ineffective the umpire shall report the incident as soon as possible to the committee of the player’s team and to the governing body responsible for the match, who shall take any further action which is considered appropriate against the player or players concerned.

6. For the purposes of the Craven and District League, the umpire can also inform the player that he is to be reported to the league. A copy of the report form or letter sent to The League Secretary shall also be sent to the alleged offenders club.

7. It is recommended that umpires confirm to the standards of dress and deportment as recommended by the Association of Cricket Officials; in addition to a white coat, a white shirt, tie, black or navy blue trousers and white shoes.